Conflict is one of Satan’s ways to try to hinder us personally and in ministry. Unfortunately, conflict is an unavoidable fact of life. So, what do we do about this inevitable event? Join Oletha Barnett as she shares the Bible’s clear and specific guidelines to resolve conflict.

Believers should handle conflict differently from non-believers, but we can’t always tell the difference based on behavior. Oletha shares that conflicts we encounter are assignments from God. Within those assignments are God-given opportunities to witness to others by our behavior.
They may never have seen conflict resolution from a biblical perspective. We get to not only resolve conflict biblically but also help others and glorify God in the process.

It’s exciting that ministry effectiveness is improved and relationships are repaired when we properly manage conflict. Oletha provides tips to resolve your personal conflicts and ministry conflicts. She shares how God wired people differently regarding personality temperaments, responses to conflict, and other differences. Resolving conflict is often a matter of managing differences. Oletha explores those differences in this video.

And finally, she takes you on a verbal tour of the internal operations of the conflict resolution ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship to show you can develop a culture of peace in your church or business. The information Oletha shares will put you in a position for more fertile ground to accomplish God’s plan by curtailing conflict for more peaceful operations and greater production. Moreover, when you better manage conflict, it gives you back time to handle other matters that you would otherwise spend managing conflict.