Resolving Racial Differences

Do you wonder about all these racial issues we hear about in the media and beyond? Join Oletha as she shares about racial issues from a biblical perspective. So much of what we believe about race is what we learned from others, especially during childhood.

We can operate from what is in our subconscious mind of learned experiences. And, when it is wrongful behavior, we often refer to it as unconscious bias. Nevertheless, conscious disregard can also exist. When each person individually reflects, we become aware that many biases exist, even beyond race. Regarding race, no matter your color, someone did you a disservice if they taught you negatively about other races. Perhaps we have a racial pandemic needing a biblical vaccine. As any conflict, racial conflict can be viewed as an assignment from God where we get to practice biblical principles to bring Him glory.

Oletha shares that racial issues are sin because they are contrary to God’s Word. Her overall theme for any conflict resolution issue is love. Love covers any sin. Every individual is made in God’s image and is valuable. Treat valuables with care. We can renew our minds regarding
racial issues, according to Romans 12:2, which says we can prove God’s good, pleasing and perfect will by renewing our minds. The chief aim of life is to bring God glory. Oletha asks, when it is all said and done, what will be your story?